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CA Paralegal Services provides legal document preparation services for clients when it comes to filing for divorces, property transfers, name changes, child support and child custody, cases. We can also help you draft your trust or will.

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Family Law is the general term used to refer to the various actions regarding marital relationships and relationships between parents and children, as well as violence between family, friends or acquaintances. Divorces, Custody, Adoptions, Emancipation and more would all fall under this category.

You have worked hard your whole life to build your savings, and after all is said and done, you want to pass your estate down to your heirs.

Incorporation & LLCs, Company Bylaws, operating procedure and more can be done by our offices.

Probate is the process of proving a last will and testament, which means verifying that the will is legal and the deceased person’s intentions are carried out. Probate also deals with other facets of guardianship and conservatorship law.

We work to draft and file purchases, sales, short sales, foreclosures, lease agreements and contracts as well preparing closing documentation and addendums.

Whether you simply don’t like your birth name or want to revise it after marriage, divorce, or gender change, we can help with the process of changing your name.

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