Who can be appointed as conservator?

The law has a system for choosing the conservator. It gives preference to the person at the top of the list, then moves down: Spouse, adult child, parent, and sibling. Any other person the law says is okay public guardian if the person closest to the top of the list does not want to be…

What do I need to add someone to title?

To transfer ownership, disclaim ownership, or add someone to title, you will choose between a “grant deed” and a “quitclaim deed.” Spouses/domestic partners transferring property between each other may choose an “interspousal deed.”

Is probate necessary?

If the person who died did not have any property to transfer, probate may not be necessary. Usually the deceased person’s relatives open a probate if they feel necessary however a probate may be opened by any interested person.

Is a guardianship the same as adoption?

A legal guardianship is a temporary caregiving situation for a child. Unlike guardianship, adoption is not temporary; it’s a permanent decision that legally separates a child from their legal/biological parents.