Family Law

What We Handle


Divorce is the legal process required to end a marriage or domestic partnership. No one needs to have done anything wrong in order to file,  and any spouse can decide to file a divorce even if the other spouse does not want to get one.

Custody Visitation

Parents who no longer live together need to have a way to decide where their children live, where they attend school, and other important parenting decisions. We can help with legal and physical custody, when it comes to the welfare of your child.

Adoptions (Step Parent/Adult)

This is the process of establishing a legal parent/child relationship between an adult and a non-biological child. This process will grant all of the legal rights and responsibilities of a parent.


Emancipation is a legal process that gives a teenager who is 16 or 17 legal independence from their parents or guardians and can help certain teenagers gain their needed independence.

Child Support

Child support is a court ordered payment that one parent, or both, should pay every month to help support the welfare of their child. In order to get child support, a parent must file a motion asking for a judgement from the courts.


Paternity  determines the identity of a child’s legal parents. If the parents are married when a child is born, there is usually no question about parentage. If they are not, filing for a paternity judgement is a way to establish who is legally responsible for a child.